Harlem became the African-American neighborhood, which fleeing the Civil War, migrated there around 1905. In the 1920s and 1930s with the Harlem Renaissance, it became the cultural hub of jazz and bebop and the meeting place of celebrities from all over the world.
The musical culture allied with gastronomy spreads throughout the neighborhood. In 2010, Markus Samuelsson, the great Ethiopian chief raised in Sweden, opened his Red Rooster restaurant and brought to Harlem the revival of the cultural tradition. Shops, markets, restaurants, churches and museums are all part of the cultural scene.
New York SPIN invites you to explore this neighborhood that offers lively cultural experiences for those who like to combine music, gastronomy and art, in a true New York experience. With our schedule, you will know the main points of this beautiful and enchanting neighborhood with Victorian architecture. And to finish the ride at Red Rooster or Smoke Jazz is a must. We take care of the reservations for you.