Brooklyn has become the most visited neighborhood. It is a must do in your schedule and we guarantee an amazing experience.
Williamsburg is the most hipster neighborhood in Brooklyn. You should visit the biggest craft brewery in the US, as well as wonderful rooftops and top of the list restaurants. The district is the extension of the Lower East Side, on the other side of the East River. It is located in the north part of Brooklyn and connected to Manhattan by the Williamsburg Bridge.
DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is located between Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and it is considered the "future SoHo" by many New Yorkers. It is known as one of the artistic and cultural centers in town, where you can find art galleries, cafes, beautiful parks, astonishing views and great restaurants, as Vinegar Hill House, the River Cafe and the famous Governor's and Grimaldi's pizzerias.
Red Hook feels more like a seaside village than a suburb in a busy town, it is an interesting mixture of industrial and port area. It is a small and unique neighborhood, with great bars and cafes, located across the tip of lower Manhattan. Because of the lack of direct public transportation to the city, it has become a get away for the artsy community.

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